I’m Sorry About the Mean Names I Called You, Dr. Laura

Seriously, I have had very little love for Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  I personally don’t like her psychological methods – I find a gentler hand more effective (imagine that!).  But when psychological “professionals” openly discriminate, I have a hard time not getting really angry.

OK, this post isn’t sounding happy…so let’s get to the happiness…

Dr. Laura went on Larry King and said that gay marriage was “a beautiful thing and a healthy thing”.

So Dr. Laura, I’m sorry that I called you, well, er, those things.  Thank you for being willing to change your mind publicly. That takes great strength of character to publicly admit you were wrong and have changed your mind.  You go girl!  I’m proud!

A Quick Digression

So let me digress a moment.  We rescued a 6 month old Siamese cat nine years ago.  I got him as a gift for my partner when she graduated college.  He was sick when we adopted him, and so he was sweet and docile because he didn’t feel well.  Well, hundreds of dollars worth of vet bills that we couldn’t afford later, he was healthy…and he was mean.  That cat loved the taste of human flesh.  We tried everything to try to discipline this cat and nothing seemed to work.  What finally worked was killing him with kindness.  When he got angry, we soothed him and talked sweetly to him.  Repeating this consistently made all the difference in the world, and he is now the sweetest cuddlebug cat.

Fast forward to last Fall when we adopted our first puppy.  She was the cutest little thing!  But as the foster family later described her, she was a “wicked ankle biter.”  This sweet little puppy also had a particular affinity for the taste of human flesh.  So we read the books, watched the Dog Whisperer, and hired an expensive trainer.  What worked in the end?  Same thing that worked with the cat.  We taught her to be sweet and rewarded her for being gentle.

Note: I am not a pet psychologist or a vet; these are just my personal experiences.

My Point

This method would not have worked with all dogs or cats because some have had such difficult lives that they require extensive professional help.  May I suggest that the same is true of people.  Maybe some people just need to be shown how to be sweet and be rewarded profusely for their kindness.  Maybe that will encourage them to be sweet and kind more often.  And then there are other people that need professional help.  Maybe nobody ever taught them how to be nice.  For them, I wish them a great psychologist.

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