A Straight, Republican Champion for Gay Rights…Seriously!

There is actually plenty of  happy gay news out there (pun intended). What has surprised me the most is the amount of happy gay news that I have found from the conservatives, Republicans, and religious.

My favorite blond Republican, Meghan McCain, posted a great little article today on her blog, The Daily Beast.  Here are a few happy snippets:

This week, I will be speaking at the Log Cabin Republicans’ national convention in support of the gay community and its role in the future of the Republican Party. Of all the causes I believe in and speak publicly about, this is one of the ones closest to my heart.

So why are gay issues so important to me? At the most basic level, sexual orientation should not be a factor in how you are treated.

I am determined to build a more-inclusive GOP not by making us “sound” more inclusive, but by doing it.

…I believe that people who fall in love should have the option to get married. Lest we forget, our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, grants the same rights to everyone in this country—“All men are created equal.” If you think certain rights should not apply to certain people, then you are saying those people are not equal. People may always have a difference of opinion on certain lifestyles, but championing a position that wants to treat people unequally isn’t just un-Republican. At its fundamental core, it’s un-American.

Maybe in the near future, gay and Republican won’t be such mutually exclusive terms.  Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Note:  I am a registered Independent.

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I get most of my ideas from Twitter and selected RSS feeds.  I believe in giving credit where credit’s due. Here’s who inspired this one:


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