Our Fabulous GLBTQ Youth

Tomorrow’s Day of Silence is aimed mostly at students.  But if you aren’t a student, you can still help.

I volunteer with this amazing organization in Atlanta, YouthPride. YP provides a safe space in the nation’s largest center dedicated exclusively to GLBTQ youth.  A cyber center, discussion forums, free professional counseling, movie nights, monthly dances, suicide prevention, and free HIV testing are just a few of the programs and services offered.

There are many great organizations that help our GLBTQ youth.  In honor of the National Day of Silence tomorrow, would you please consider supporting one of these great organizations?  These centers always need financial help, and they also need kind adults to help support their work.

At volunteer orientation, most adults say that they want to volunteer for YouthPride because they wish they would have had a safe space to support them when they were coming out.  Then once they have volunteered, they say they do it because the youth are so rewarding to work with.

Do what feels right to you: give your time or give your money.  Just please help support these organizations that give our youth a safe space to be who they really are.

And if you are lucky enough to get to know some of these fabulous individuals that are our GLBTQ youth, your life will be forever enriched.  Despite rejection from their friends, families, problems at schools, they are still full of hope.  They are simply amazing, but they need your support.

So please take this opportunity to support our GLBTQ youth. You’ll be so happy that you did! ♥

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Google Directory of Gay Youth Organizations

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