Why Gay Happy News?

I, like many in the GLBTQ community, lead a rather ordinary life.  I have a job, a partner, a mortgage, dogs, cats, blah, blah blah.  I’m an average American who also happens to be gay.

I’m not an activist, but I’m so very grateful for those who are. I, like many of you, just hope that my life and knowing me will help change individual hearts and minds.  I write the occasional email to my Congressmen and donate time and money to GLBTQ activist groups, but basically, I’m leaving the activism to the pros. I’m just not cut out for it.

However, I do want to stay in the loop in GLBTQ news, so I peruse multiple web sites to find the stories that matter to me.  But several weeks ago I realized that when I did this, I got really antsy and fidgety.  So what’s up? It was having to read the ugly headlines about the Haters stressing me out.

This religious leader says this.  This protest happened here.  This legislation shot down. This random person said this hateful thing.  Most days, I just don’t want to hear it because the majority of the time, it simply doesn’t really matter.

The recent Miss California thing is such a great example.  I just don’t consider the opinion of this one individual person to be news. The media have made it news, but is it really? Personally, I don’t think so.

So here at Happy Gay News, we silence the Haters.  We don’t give them a voice.  We don’t publish the bad news.  We don’t publish the whining.  We don’t publish the bickering.  We don’t publish the hating.

We publish the progress. We publish the happy news.  We publish the fun stuff. We publish the good stuff.

People can argue all day long if being gay is a choice (personally, I’m glad to be gay, so I don’t care if it is nature or nurture or both), but happiness really is a choice.  So if the Haters are getting you down, you can always come here for a pick-me-up.  Choose happiness…you deserve it.

You are a fabulous human being. Please don’t forget that. ♥

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  1. While you’re spreading the happiness, just remember that you deserve it too. I almost said “save some for yourself”, but when happiness is shared it expands.

    What’s really nice is that there is so much happy news, and I appreciate you collecting it because it gets drowned out. I almost hate to mention it, but, as you said, the Miss California thing is a great example of something that wasn’t news but was blown up into news. Trying to respond to every single person is exhausting and fruitless. Living an ordinary life does a lot more to promote tolerance and understanding than a lot of arguing.

  2. Christopher, you and I are so on the same page here. And thank you for thinking of me! Sharing this happiness is really rewarding for me. When I realize that I have lots and lots of happy news, it almost makes me giddy.

    I do believe life is about perspective, so I try to focus on the good things and not get bogged down in all the muck. If I focus on the bad things, life isn’t good. If I focus on the good stuff and the things I’m grateful for, and the lessons I’ve learned when life is difficult, life is good. So I hope this blog encourages people and spreads a little happiness. 🙂

  3. I think it’s spreading a lot of happiness. Just make sure, though, that keeping things in perspective means you shouldn’t forget that you’re also a fabulous human being.

    And, lest I forget, living in a fabulous city. Okay, I haven’t spent nearly enough time in Atlanta, but I have been to the botanical garden there and loved it.

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